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Screened Topsoil | Mulch | Aggregate
23 Apr 2020

What is House Mulch?

House mulch is made ‘in-house’ with our tub grinder. Mixed hardwoods and softwoods make up our house mulch. No lumber, all branch and bark.

20 Apr 2020

How big is the delivery vehicle?

We typically deliver in three different types of vehicles; dependent on what you order. Our delivery vehicles consist of pickup trucks, Hino FB’s, GMC 5500’s.

For example, 3 yards of house mulch would be delivered in one of our cab over Hino FB’s. Where a small order of firewood will be brought in a pickup truck.

20 Apr 2020

Can you deliver same day?

We are not able to guarantee same day deliveries, but when there is availability in our delivery schedule we will contact you to arrange a same day delivery if/when possible.

20 Apr 2020

Can you dump my order in a specific spot?

The dump location must be on solid ground, where the delivery vehicle can easily access, without the risk of getting stuck. The location will ultimately be up to the driver’s discretion, but we always do our best to accommodate.

20 Apr 2020

What is Cedar Mulch?

Cedar mulch is made from the bark of White Cedars, then shredded to form a fibrous texture.

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