Topsoil | Mulch | Stone

River Rock: A natural washed stone that consists of clear stone (no smaller stones or sand mixed in). It comes in various sizes: small 1.5—2”, medium 2—5” and large 5—8”. This colourful decorative stone mix is ideal for water features, drainage and borders surrounding your house or patios.

Pea Stone: Small washed material with smooth texture and rich, natural colorations. Ideal for decorative landscapes, drainage and play areas.

¾ “A” Gravel: A natural stone product consisting of ¾ stone pieces and crushed rock. Ideal for forming a solid, compacted base for driveways and walkways

Clear Stone: A screened natural stone consisting of similar sized gravel pieces with no crushed materials. Ideal for drainage/erosion control, French drains around foundations or under decks.

Limestone Screenings: Crushed limestone material that compacts easily to create a very hard surface. Ideal for creating a level base under flagstone, interlock and patios stones.